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How to Begin Yoga Really Well

By Lea Kraemer

1. Do not eat a meal for one or two hours before practicing Yoga. If you need something to tide you over make sure that it is light and easy to digest, like some slices of watermelon or a banana.

2. Wear clothes that move and breathe with you, nothing restrictive like jeans or a belt. Natural fabrics such as cotton are also beneficial. For Kundalini Yoga, wearing white is suggested. The color white reflects all colors and symbolizes radiance and inner purity. A head covering is also suggested, though not required for Kundalini Yoga, as a symbol of respect and protection for the crown chakra.

3. Make sure you have water to replenish you during and after class. There is always filtered water at the studio. Water helps to strengthen your aura!

4. Explore some of our classes to see which type(s) of Yoga you are drawn to. Taking time to experience the difference between styles is important so that you can create goals for the future. See what forms (Kundalini, Vinyasa, Meditation, Healing modalities, etc.) spark your interest and inspire you most deeply. Some students enjoy studying only one kind of Yoga, others like to practice all types. Your preferences will be natural and trustworthy.

5. Begin with at least two practice sessions each week. When you commit to the same classes for several weeks you will soon feel more vital, steady and relaxed. Stay with a beginning level class to move at a slower pace, or come for open level classes and work at your own comfort level. It will take time to gain some basic insight about how the practice works for you, so keeping a regular schedule is the best way to progress.

6. Don’t judge yourself harshly. Slow down and have a great experience. There is no technique worth knowing that can be learned in one hour, no language, no sport and certainly not Yoga. Do not push to “achieve” postures fast, instead enjoy the journey as you go beyond what you thought you could do. Yoga takes many years to master, but the benefits are experienced right away.